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  • TRAIN DIFFERENTLY. NOT ALL FOOT SPEED IS THE SAME. Whether you're improving first step speed, working on top end speed or building overall explosive speed our Body Good Running Parachute delivers progressive resistance training for any age. It's never too early to teach kids who love sports to move fast on the right foot.
  • IT'S LIKE HAVING YOUR VERY OWN TRAINER. This resistance parachute will help you fight the wind and develop a more powerful leg drive and stride frequency. No matter your level, these speed and agility exercises will make you stronger, faster. Great for runners, sprinters and all performance athletes.
  • THE NUMBERS DON'T LIE. Our 54" resistance parachute provides 20-35 pounds of intense wind friction. Adjustable and comfortable rotating belt allows you to sprint in any direction. Mesh panel prevents tangling and hassle. Comes with easy-to-stow bag for effortless clean up and convenient storage.
  • BUILDS ENDURANCE AND STAMINA. With this Training Resistance Parachute, you can do speed training and strength training both at the same time. It will also give you the guts you're looking for so you can your improve or rather master skills. Use it when running, to help increase muscular endurance, stamina and accelerate faster.
  • ADJUSTABLE BELT. The belt has a free motion ring which rotates 360 degrees and allows you to sprint in any direction. It is adjustable and fits almost all sizes.
  • CONVENIENT. This parachute stores easily in an included training bag. Thus, you can spend more time training and less time setting up.
  • DURABILITY. It has a built-in mesh panel which helps balance the Running Parachute during training and prevent the cords from tangling, rendering a less hassle sports activity.