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SISM 2017 Panna Championship Ball

Soccer in Slow Motion

SISM 2017 Panna Championship Ball

$49.00 $54.00

Introducing the Signature 2017 Panna Championship Ball with American Panna Champion - Isaiah Escobedo from the USA. 

A professional street soccer ball, designed to slide off the foot for a faster and more responsive touch. Available in size 4, low bounce for accurate control and a butyl bladder for best air retention. It has a beautiful iridescent blue texture making it one of the most stunning panna balls!

Isaiah Escobedo (Portland, Oregon) is the American Panna Champion of the 2016 American Panna & Freestyle Tournament, 2nd place finisher in 2015 and Panna Beast!

    Check out the complete lineup of balls from the street balls with grip to the panna ball that slips... right through your opponent's legs!

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