Portable Soccer Football Tactical Board 44.5x29.5x2cm Training Guidance Double-Sided Magnetic Buttons Aluminum Alloy Frame+PVC

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  • CALL THE SHOTS: Head to the huddle with a plan in hand. A double-sided and magnetic coaching strategy board is the ultimate locker room and on field teaching tool for Soccer teams of all ages
  • INCLUDES 24 MAGNETS: Comes with 11 red and 11 blue magnets for two full teams as well as 2 black, multipurpose magnets to use for balls or for pinpointing key tactics of a play
  • DOUBLE-SIDED CLIPBOARD: Features a full-size field on one side and a zoomed in view of half the field, run plays close to the goal or communicate overarching offensive and defensive strategy
  • ROLL-UP & GO: Lay the clipboard flat or hang it on a wall, strategize, then roll it up until the next timeout. Take the rolled-up clipboard and put it into a gym bag for travel or storage
  • Strategy coach clipboard Winning strategy board with Marker pieces.
  • Great for devising game strategies and substitutions,also ideal to help plan practise sessions.